Venice with Leica Ambassador Marc De Tollenaere

Venice with Leica Ambassador Marc De Tollenaere

On Jan 6th I had the pleasure to explore Venice with Marc De Tollenaere who is the Leica Embassador in North Italy. After checking tripadvisor his pictures caught my interest. As I only booked the trip a couple of days before, it was really great that Marc still had time on Saturday Jan 6th. We wandered through some lesser known/touristy parts of northern Venice. We worked on composure & framing on architectural photography. It was a great experience as we wandered the lesser known parts of Venice. This provided us also on the opportunity on some street photography like the granddad playing with his grandson. In particular I like the ability of the Leica SL using the 3:1 pano format in the EVF.  Marc showed me to effectively use it.

This was for the first time I used the Leica SL with the 24-90 and the bigger 90-280 zoom. Additionally, I had the 50mm Noctilux with me. The Leica SL with the EVF is magnificent so is the quality from the two zooms. Significantly sharper than the top notch Nikon lenses as the 24-70 or 70-200.

On the following Sunday I also used the opportunity to use the 50mm Noctilux in a street photography environment which I added towards the end. Can you tell which are the Noctilux shots?

Planning to head back to Venice in March to visit the gondolas craftsmen together with Marc. On the evening I continued my trip around Venice applying what I practiced with Marc. During the night fog moved into the city. It was really beautiful & magical. The shots can be found HERE.


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