Monbachtal – Black Forest

Monbachtal – Black Forest

Finally, I found some time to head-out for a small photographic excursion.

Got up at 6:00am and headed into the Monbachtal (near Bad Liebenzell) in the Black Forest. Getting there early will ensure most tourists are still in bed

As it had not rained in the past weeks there was very little water unfortunately.

Pictures: Fujifilm X-T2

Update: June 4th I went back and it was raining since last night for a couple of hours. So there was much more water…

     The same shot a week later after it had rained since last night on June 4th:

The same shot (slightly different angle) on June 4th

And in colour:


And with more water after a couple of hours of rain on June4th:

With hardly any water…

And with much more water after a night of rain… at a slightly different angle though.



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